Thursday, June 8, 2017

Removable Wall Art For Bathrooms

Wall Appeals offers a unique and versatile collection of temporary interior graphics and art decals enabling anyone to quickly & easily decorate and redecorate any flat surface. Wall Appeals are made of an easy to adhere and remove vinyl and range in size to fit nearly any space, the decals can be adhered to the wall, floor, window, cabinet, door, and even small items like a laptop, mirror or glass wear.

With Wall Appeals you can personalize the space in your home, office, or even possessions in no time! And it is easy to change or modify your design when you get tired of the previous one. The temporary decals are easy to remove and will not damage your surface if taken care of properly.

Visit or give us a call 270-761-4549 and we can talk about how to bring out your inner artist. 

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