Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Wall Appeals can help you get in the holiday spirit! Starting with Halloween, why not put a cute monster over your entryway doorway or some mice along your baseboards? Put a scary spider or ghost in your kid's playroom. Wall Appeals is a great way to spice up your home for the holidays. The best part is when Halloween is over, just peel your removable wall art off the wall. Easy, affordable holiday decorating solutions from Wall Appeals.

We can make any scary Halloween wall decal idea you have happen. Fill out our custom order form for a quote or call us at 270-762-5237. Have A Spooktacular Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

12 Ways With Today's Wall Decals

Wall Appeals loves to give you ideas for your next Wall are twelve ways you can decorate with our removable wall art. This article was written by Becky Harris from

"Are you a wallpaper commitmentphobe? If so, I hear you. I've had the same five samples taped to my wall for more than two years now; I am so locked in indecision I don't even notice them anymore. Wall decals are a great solution for people like us. The selection gets bigger and bigger every day, from classic Eames decals to furniture silhouttes, fingerprints to giraffes. Here's a dozen things you can do with them:

1. Get organized
This chalkboard memoboard can be changed daily (chalk is included). Best of all, it does not require a messy painting project. 


2. Add a headboard
No room for a headboard? Don't worry, there is always room for a headboard decal.

by Vanessa De Vargas

3. Create a gallery wall
This designer has created a custom wallpaper look with these fun decal frames. It's much less cluttered and chaotic than if they actually had photographs in them (though you could attach photos to the wall and put the decals around them if you so desired; it would be a lot less expensive than framing).

by Vanessa De Vargas

4. Add Eames 
One of the least expensive ways to add some mid-century modern Eames to your home is via these clever wall stickers. Channel your inner Charles and Ray when arranging them.


5. Mimic wallpaper
Have you seen this guest room on Houzz and wondered where to buy the wallpaper? It's actually very carefully composed wall decals. "The artist who sold me the decals also sent a detailed drawing based upon measurements I sent her of exactly how to arrange the decals to get the pattern right," says interior designer Jeanette Van Wicklen.

by Van Wicklen Design

6. Add color and furniture
"For the this kid's room, we wanted the white furniture to stand out so we placed a bright colored decal to silhouette it which gives it more depth," says interior designer Vanessa De Vargas. "Now the white furniture piece doesn't get lost against the white wall, and pops more with the piece in front of it," she says.

"Also, because the room didn't have a junction box, we added the chandelier behind the bed as a faux chandelier for the room. It gives it a sense of purpose, and decorates the bed area without having to hang anything."

by Vanessa De Vargas

The next two images are all also from this bedroom.

by Vanessa De Vargas

by Vanessa De Vargas

7. Add a zoo
A wallpapered menagerie of animal silhouettes makes all the difference in this room.

by Iris

8. Decorate outdoors Interior Designer Jordan Cappella says, "If you don't want to commit to a permanent paint color or wallpaper, using BLIK decals the affordable/creative way to change up any room. Your only limitation is your imagination!"

Here Cappella used stickers on the front gate of this prefab showhome.

by Jordan Cappella

9. Bring the forest indoors
These full-scale birch trees on a kelly green background create a magical woodland accent wall.

10. Provide an inspirational quote
These words were an appropriate choice for this family studio in The Upward Bound House

11. Branch out
This serene nursery uses a bold David Hicks geometric wallpaper on one accent wall, and balances it out with sweet birds on branches on the other side. Note the way the branches seem to emerge from the trim around the door.

Tip: Bring your wallpaper to the paint store to have a matching paint custom mixed.

by Lucy McLintic

12. Bring the street indoors
This bicycle and streetlamp decal on a dark background adds a piece of the urban streetscape and creates a focal point for this living room.

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Find anything you liked? Or maybe just inspiration for your own ideas? Visit or call us at 270-761-5237 so we can get started on your idea today!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wall Appeals Gift Certificate Raffle!

Wall Appeals is having a $25 gift certificate raffle! All you have to do is leave us a customer review about your experience with Wall Appeals and we will enter your name in our drawing. We will take entries all the way through Nov. 4th and announce the winner on Nov. 7th! Tell us what you think!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Is A Wall Appeal??

What is a Wall Appeal?? 

Wall Appeals are an interior wall decoration made of an easy to adhere and remove vinyl. These modern wall designs can be used on any flat surface, they’re even great for frames, mirrors and furniture. Wall Appeals are great at accenting areas such as above an entryway or over beds or console tables. Wall Appeals can create interest to everyday items such as windowsills, lightswitches, or plumbing fixtures.

We offer designs from classic to modern and from sophisticated to inspirational. Whatever your tastes, Wall Appeals offers one of the widest ranges of decorative wall art or decals for any and every room in the house. It’s also a great way to dress up rooms in churches, offices, schools, locker rooms, trade show booths, restaurants, health spas, dorm rooms, mall kiosks, and more!
We now have many new colors available for your removable wall art and temporary decoation needs. These new colors brings many new exciting combinations availble for your own custom Wall Appeal. To view our complete list of colors, including all of the newest shades, please check out our fonts and colors page.

Visit to learn even more about our removable wall art! Or call us at 270-761-5237 to order one today!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clever and Funny Wall Appeal Removable Wall Art Ideas!

A person can do so many things with Wall Appeals removable wall art but sometimes it's just hard to think of an idea. This article on has some really clever and funny ideas for your next vinyl wall art sticker. 

vinyl wall art

"Information graphics have never been more popular, and removable vinyl wall stickers likewise never seem to go out of style. Hu2 designers clearly had a similar revelation when they designed to produce decorative adhesives with more meaning and purpose than your typical kids car or princess.

vinyl wall stickers

While a few are just plain while and only meant to be entertaining, most of these wall stickers carry more than a message – they contain well-styled instructions for life, from reminders not to forget your essential stuff when leaving home and guides to organizing your cables and cords to instructions for filling up the bath tub, uncorking wine bottles and mixing cocktails.

vinyl sticker art decor

For bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, child, teen or adult, there is some clever wall sticker that will work for pretty much any person or room. And for those of us who hate spending a lot of time and money coming up with clever decorations, well, this saves us the hassle of having to be creative and adds a bit of spice to any (or every) room and wall of the house."

Wall Appeals can make any of these wonderfully clever ideas happen for you. Just visit us at or give us a call at 270-761-5237 and we will get started on your removable wall art today!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wall Appeals removable wall art offers a wide variety of products for an office environment. From simple   name tags on doors to elaborate mission statements. Our vinyl wall art is an affordable and easy way to decorate or label your office.

This wall appeal above was for Chad Cochran State Farm, it's an example of a one-color vinyl installation in an office. What a wonderful way to show what his business is about for everyone to see. We can provide services just like this for your office needs or feel free to do something completely different with your office. The possibilities are endless!

For more office ideas visit our office photo gallery. Please call us at 270-761-5237 or visit to start your custom order today!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Holiday Removable Wall Art!

With the holidays quickly approaching this is the perfect time for new decorating ideas. Wall Appeals' vinyl wall art is a great addition to your traditional decorations. Need something for Halloween? Try a jack-o-lantern or a black cat. The best thing about our wall art is that after one holiday is over you can move right on to the next one, just simply remove the Halloween decoration and you are ready to start for Thanksgiving!

Removable wall art is so versatile and the possibilities are as endless as your own imagination. Don't want to fool with the Christmas tree this year? Make your own custom creation to put on your wall and the presents can go right 'underneath' it. 

Visit us at to learn more about our wall art or call us at (270) 761-5237 and we can start working on a nice holiday themed wall appeal today.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Types and Style of Removable Wall Art

Think you might like removable wall art but maybe you aren't sure about what you want? Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with an idea. KCC Big Country on Hubpages has laid out some suggestions. 

There are many types and styles of vinyl wall decals to choose from. Just a few of the styles you can find are:

Abstract art-all types of swirls, dots, triangles, boxes, stripes, lines, etc.
Plants and trees-potted ferns, palm trees, large oak trees, bonsai trees, apple blossoms on branches, etc.
Quotes & Sayings-Live, Laugh, Love, Faith, Hope, Kiss the Cook, famous quotes, verses, rhymes, inspirational sayings, etc.
Victorian-chandeliers, candelabras, Tiffany lamps, frames, doorknockers, Fleur de lis, etc.
Cartoon characters-Mickey Mouse, Disney, Spongebob, Spiderman, Scooby-do, Fairies, Dora the Explorer, etc.
Sports & Hobbies-Auto racing, monster trucks, model airplanes, trains, skateboarding, surfing, basketball, baseball, football, etc.
Floral patterns-sunflowers, daisies, roses, floral wreaths, vines, buds, blossoms, etc.
Skyline silhouettes-New York, Paris, London, Golden Gate Bridge, Eiffel Tower, etc.
Movie Stars-Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Blues Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, etc.
Animals & Critters-butterflies, lions, tigers, birds, fish, elephant, zebra, horse, cats, etc.
Other-lips, guitars, English phonebooth, lamp post, electric power lines, maps, payphone, gas pump, etc

See anything on the list you like or want to talk about? Wall Appeals can make any of these and more! Visit for a custom quote or call us at 270-761-5237 so we can start your new vinyl wall art today!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Advantages of Decorating with Removable Wall Art

Wall Appeals removable wall art is a fairly new idea in the decorating world. For some people wondering why purchasing removable wall art is the way to go here are some advantages to vinyl wall art from KCC Big Country at Hugpages:

  • Easy to apply. Anyone can peel and stick a vinyl wall decal. The decal sticks to any dry clean surface.
  • Easily moved. The decals can easily be peeled off and moved to another location. This is particularly handy if you move around a lot or simply like to redecorate occasionally.
  • Relatively inexpensive. You can find wall decals in all price ranges making them affordable for everyone.
  • In the case of plants, trees, cats, etc, the vinyl decals allow you to decorate your home with these features without the upkeep of the real live versions. This also helps people with allergies.
  • Impress your friends. The trendy styles and unique designs will generate compliments from all your friends and family.

As you can see removable wall art is an easy, inexpensive and unique way to spruce up your home or office. Visit Wall Appeals photo gallery to gain some ideas for your own space and give us a call at 270-761-5237. Too busy for a phone call? Visit our order page to request a custom removable wall art quote!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Removable Nursery Wall Art Made Easy!

New babies bring so much joy to a household, but decorating a nursery can be a challenge. Hand painted pictures on nursery walls are wonderful but not everyone has the time or money for them. Wall Appeals offers an affordable and easy way to welcome your newborn to your home. The great thing about our removable wall art is that it can easily be changed and replaced as the child grows. No repainting or hassle just peel it off and find your next children's room theme. 

Visit for nursery wall art ideas or come up with your own custom wall art design and let us create the perfect wall decal for you!

Wall Appeals Removable Vinyl Wall Art!

Need some new decorating ideas? Maybe you're a cash strapped college student looking for cheap art or a new home owner wanting to do something new and exciting with a brand new space. Wall Appeals is the perfect solution! We offer affordable, creative and easy ideas for interior design. 

Need a nice kitchen quote design or maybe something to spruce up the bathroom? Wall Appeals offers something for any wall decorating need you might have.

Visit to view a wide selection of wall quotes, removable wall art and custom wall decal designs. View our photo gallery to see some of our past work and gain inspiration for your own home or office.