Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Everything You Wanted to Know about Wall Appeals Removable Wall Art

What exactly IS a Wall Appeal? Think of a Wall Appeal as a removable wall mural of words and pictures. Many times our decals are mistaken for painted murals. With many similarities come many differences; cost, time and permanence. The Wall Appeals collection is reasonably priced, and it takes little time and skill to install or remove them.

Do you have a storefront?
As of today, Wall Appeals can only be purchased online and at select retailers. However, if you wish to see a Wall Appeals in "real life" before you purchase, you are welcome to stop by our design studio at 105 North 16th Street, Murray Kentucky. Hours are from M-F from 10am-3pm.

What is the difference between Wall Appeals' Quotes and Wall Appeals' Words?
The number of letters, silly.

How long from order placement to delivery?
We'll get it out of our doors within 5-10 business days. The length of time it takes to get your wall decal from our door to yours depends on which shipping method you select and where you live.

How much is shipping?
We can ship everywhere and the price will depend on your location. If you are ever in our neck of the woods, you can even come by and pick it up!

Can I “rush” my order?
Of course! We charge a rush fee of $25 per item to ship on the day of the order. Custom product designs have rush fees that vary, so please contact us.

How do I remove the decal?
There are several ways to skin a cat, errr, I mean remove the decals. One easy way would be to use your fingernails to pry away a corner of the decal & peel away slowly at a 45 degree angle. An even easier would be to take a blow dryer and a pair of tweezers to lift a corner of the decal while aiming the blow-dryer at the same area. The adhesive will release as it gets heated. Continue peeling at a 45 degree angle as you heat the vinyl.

Can I re-stick a Wall Appeal?
We can't really say you can, as Wall Appeals are supposed to be a 1-time use, however, some of our customers expressed they have been able to move them and and re-apply them depending on how long it had been applied. Saying that, once applied, Wall Appeals, once removed, cannot be re-applied.

How long will my decal last?
If you take care of it, it could last for years. We recommend that you try to keep your decal dry and away from direct sunlight.

What kind of wall surface is best?
Most smooth or flat surfaces that are clean & dry and not exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight or moisture.

What kind of paint is best?
We recommend eggshell as the best paint but a satin or a semi-gloss work well as well. We really don’t recommend installing a Wall Appeal on a gloss or textured paint.

Where else can I install a Wall Appeal?
Wall Appeals adhere to almost any flat or smooth surface including: windows, mirrors, desktops, finished wood, metal, plastic, glass surfaces, to name a few. The more porous the surface, the easier the decal is to remove.

How long does the wall need to be painted before I apply the Wall Appeal?
This is a tough question. It depends on the type of paint and type of wall. In a perfect world, your painted wall should be cured at least 60 days weeks before you apply the decal. This ensures that the wall decal can be removed without any damage to the wall. If applied to an uncured wall, the decal and the paint will adhere together, taking off the paint upon removal.

Can I put my decal in a bathroom?
Yes. However, moist areas will reduce the life of the decal.

Can I put my decal on a car?
Of course, you can, but you should upgrade to an outdoor vinyl to ensure that your decals can withstand exterior conditions. Prices vary so please call for details.

Will the decal cause damage when removed?
The adhesive that sticks the art to the wall is strong, but if removed properly should not cause damage. But, there is no way for us to know the condition and variables of all wall surfaces, so we do not guarantee that some paint damage will not occur. It is possible, but not likely, that you may notice paint chips on the back of the decals when removed. If so, some minor paint touch up may be required.

Do you take returns?
We don't issue refunds or exchanges at this time.

Hopefully this post has helped to answer any questions you might have. Please visit or call us at 270-761-4549 to place your own custom order!

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